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The joys of lipreading

Thought my husband was taking the boys to school this morning. Then he tells me he can’t because he has to take some building supplies back? 

Ok, I get dressed, made up and shoed in minutes only to be told he IS taking them to school! – By the expression on his face I gather that was the plan all along.

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Travel awards 2013 feedback from our young researchers

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We were very pleased to be able to provide support to 10 young researchers to enable them attend a major hearing research conference. The Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) – the largest annual international scientific meeting of hearing and … Continue reading

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Sensory hair cells regenerated, hearing restored in noise-damaged mammal ear

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Researchers have demonstrated for the first time that hair cells can be regenerated in an adult mammalian ear by using a drug to stimulate resident cells to become new hair cells, resulting in partial recovery of hearing in mouse ears damaged by noise trauma. This finding holds great potential for future therapeutic application that may someday reverse deafness in humans.

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