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ReSound LiNX Now Available In The UK

All the way back in August we reported that Apple was getting ready to introduce new Bluetooth Low Energy hearing aid technology it developed to significantly improve the current crop of products on the market. Apple expected partners in its … Continue reading

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Tinnitus caused by too little inhibition of brain auditory circuits, study finds

More info…Tinnitus, a relentless ringing in the ears known to disable soldiers exposed to blasts, unwary listeners of too-loud music and millions more, is the result of under-inhibition of key neural pathways in the brain’s auditory center, say scientists. The … Continue reading

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Deaf or alive: a portrait of family life. New blog by Maggi Summerhill

More info… The joys of lipreading Thought my husband was taking the boys to school this morning. Then he tells me he can’t because he has to take some building supplies back?  Ok, I get dressed, made up and shoed … Continue reading

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